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AsphaltEdge Installation Instructions

Permaloc AsphaltEdge Asphalt Edging INSTALLATION

  1. Prepare the subbase and aggregate base course. The base must be properly compacted and extend 6” to 12” beyond the edge of the pavement installation. The base immediately beneath the restraint must be consistent or “level”. (Diagram A)
  2. IMPORTANT: A 3/8” gap must be left between sections during installation to allow for the aluminum to expand when heated by hot-mix asphalt. (Diagram B)
  3. Set and anchor AsphaltEdge according to recommended anchoring guidelines shown above. Anchor the ends of each section. For added stability, use additional spikes.
  4. Corners should be made by bending a single section to form the angle. Additional cutting of the base may be required for tight angles. (Diagram C)
  5. Avoid excess asphalt temperatures to minimize aluminum expansion.
  6. Lay asphalt adjacent to and approximately 1/2” over the top of the AsphaltEdge (depending on expected compaction results).
  7. Compact the first pass with the desired equipment approximately 6” to 12” in from the AsphaltEdge. Subsequent passes may be directly against or over the edge to ensure complete compaction of asphalt.
  8. Following completion of the asphalt installation, backfill and compact adjacent topsoil to within 1/2” of the top of the restraint.

FOR USE WITH PAVERS: Please refer to StructurEdge Typical Installation.

NOTE: When installing Aluminum edging in direct contact with ACQ treated lumber we recommend installing a barrier material such as Grace Vycor® Deck Protector™.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 1.800.356.9660 or email us.

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